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Outback Australia, Darwin to Adelaide Travel Video Guide

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Outback Australia - Down the Guts' travel program

Litchfield National Park is actually a more popular National Park with territorian locals than Kakadu - why? You can visit all it's sites in one day, you can swim without fear of crocodiles, and you don't have to pay fees to get in. of particular note are it's swimming holes and waterfalls.

The Grove Hill Hotel is a real outback boozer 16 km's off the main road. Every month the publicans Stan and Mary put on a free bbq.

Had a great night, met some interesting locals, enjoyed the pre 1970's music Stan was playing...and even had a dance.

Katherine's major tourist attraction is the Katherine Gorge which consists of 13 natural gorges carved through sandstone by the Katherine River.

We interviewed a French Helicopter Pilot, William Massart, who takes joy flights over the gorge.

Wycliffe Well Roadhouse is known as Australia's premier U.F.O. sightings location. Numerous people have reported seeing strange lights in the sky while staying a Wycliffe.

I interviewed Lew Farkas, owner of the roadhouse about the U.F.O. sightings.

In Alice Springs we enjoyed trying crocodile, kangaroo, camel and emu at Overlander Steakhouse and let our hair down at Bojangles Saloon

Situated 117 km's West of Alice Springs. Wallace Rock Hole is an Aranda Aboriginal community which runs Aboriginal Culture Rockart tours which cover such things as bush medicine, bush tucker, the history of the Aranda people and visits to ancient rock art sites

We interviewed Benjamin, a local guide about his community.

In Coober Pedy we interviewed Jenny Gough from the Old Timers Mine

Jenny is a long term resident of Coober Pedy and in the video talks about how a stoke of good luck resulted in finding and funding the Old Timers Mine.

In Adelaide we interviewed Anna Pak Poy from nomads world - Australia's finest chain of backpacking hostels

Anna helped organise our accommodation for the trip. She was born and bred in Adelaide and has such a passion for the place, we couldn't go past interviewing her.

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Outback Australia, Darwin to Adelaide Travel Video Guide

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